About Us

One of Santander’s beaches

Cantabria is one of Spain’s forgotten regions. Squeezed between the at times volatile Basque Region, the slightly better known Asturias region and the massive Castilla y Leon region, Cantabria is often left out of tourism guides to the Iberian peninsula. Spain is famous for its bullfighting, flamenco and almost perennially guaranteed hot sunny weather. Cantabria boasts none of these things. It is a veritable secret, off the well beaten tourist trail which begins and often ends in southern Spain.

This website aims to help visitors discover this green and pleasant part of Spain, which in many ways bears more of a resemblance to Ireland or Scotland than the typical idea of Spanish landscape. I spent a year working in Cantabria and feel like I know more than enough about the ins and outs of this surprisingly fascinating region. From the food, to the entertainment, to the major places to visit, this guide aims to be the stepping stone between thinking about visiting Cantabria, and actually going there.

Enjoy the site and feel free to add any comments. It will be updated regularly over the next few months.


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